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Prolix for the Proletariat

It Tastes a Bit Like Chicken

The Ayatollah
A good day to you all and welcome to the slightly askew world of Keresaspa. Rest your weary bones on the chaise longue whilst I regale you with the inevitable biography. Belfast-born, my life work consists of trying to do as little as possible whilst cultivating various stages of ludicrous facial hair. A self-styled Renaissance man, I claim this title with pride as I am equally cack-handed at many things. Like so many things this journal was born as an excuse to avoid work and has proven more than up to the task. It now serves as forum wherein the man himself dispenses grade A rubbish that gravitates between the boring and the incomprehensible. Absolutely essential reading for no one in particular, this journal is littered with its creators own half-baked opinions, musings, rants and attempts at humour. If you feel the need for such tommyrot then by all means enter.

Leave a comment if you add me or there'll be no adding back - I keep a small friends list as I only want people with whom I can interact. I have no interest in having a huge number of strangers on my list and serial adders are just a bunch of corn snakes. No racists, monetarists or "meninists", ta. Otherwise carry on at your convenience.

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