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Time it was and what a time it was

Given that there was a big scare back in 2011, resulting in my backing everything up on Dreamwidth the recent export has resulted in two copies of each entry from 2003 up to the date when I made the first copies. When it comes to things like this I'm rather anal, even OCD, in my approach and as such I've been going back through all my old entries on Dreamwidth and deleting one of the copies for each, as well as smoothing out the tags so as both versions of this blog are in sync. Quite the experience it has been too, and at times an unsettling one come to think of it.

For one thing in the early days I was ludicrously prolific, knocking out up to three entries a day, most of which had little or no purpose. Bear in mind too that those were the days when I didn't have a home internet connection so you couldn't fault my commitment. That dogmatism of youth was present in those early entries, although paradoxically my intractable approach to Sinn Fein had yet to crystallize as I was more a minor critic in the early years and even spoke out loud about possibly voting for them.

I also seemed to have a deep knowledge of the contemporary ins-and-outs of Italian politics and took it very seriously, for some reason considering that developments there were vital to me personally. The number of times I was practically frothing at the mouth with anger about Berlusconi's latest japes or the political career of doe-eyed hate merchant Alessandra Mussolini rather surprised me at this far-removed distance. Mind you, a lot more things seemed to matter to me back then although I suspect, like manys a young person, I felt that I personally could have an impact on politics, something that I have long since given up on.

On the humorous side, I seemed to be under the impression that the word "meme" was pronounced "me-me", leading a lot of attempted puns that now make no sense. On the bleak side, a trigger warning might have been required for some sections. Let's draw a veil over that.

2006 appears to have been the point where Livejournal (or at least my bit of it) went into decline as, having previously had double figure comments as the norm, entries from that period started to show the "no comments" mark that has been standard for me ever since. And yet, reviewing my own writing I was probably at the height of my powers in 2011, having grown from the at-times barely literate boy of 2003 and being some way above the ideas-bereft waffler of now.

The renaissance that has been hinted at as a result of the recent Russian debacle would be a fine thing and I do rather feel the need to try to help revive things (and I've been more prolific this last week than I have in years). Whether it happens or not who knows, but the fact will remain that going back through very old posts is an at-times uncomfortable experience to say the least.

EDIT: And apparently you can't queue posts on here. Bummer.


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Apr. 15th, 2017 06:55 pm (UTC)
I suspect, like manys a young person, I felt that I personally could have an impact on politics, something that I have long since given up on.
Thirty years ago I was a fire-and-brimstone liberal anarchist, and if this medium was available I probably would have used it prolifically, loudly, and ignorantly. These days, I mostly avoid politics on-line. Not that I espouse being apolitical! Far from it! I've just toned it down and broadened my perspective.
2006 appears to have been the point where Livejournal (or at least my bit of it) went into decline
Then there's me, always a day late and a dollar short. ("Account, Created on 18 February 2009")

I'm sure I've said this before, but I'm pretty sure a great deal of it is laziness. Fora that encourage summaries rather than explication, where success is measure by hundreds of "like" clicks rather than swaying the mind of one thinking person, are easier. I bet most people on them couldn't tell you even one thing about 90% of their "friends." They're also the sort who tend to read a headline, maybe the first paragraph of a column or article, skim the next one or two if they're diligent, then call themselves informed.
Apr. 15th, 2017 11:36 pm (UTC)
I still beat the political drum at times but I there's an element of going through the motions these days. Recent developments on that score have rather left me despairing politically so I talk about it less than I used.

And I couldn't agree with your last paragraph more, as articulate an indictment of the internet these days as I've read. Barely informed knee-jerk nonsense is the order of the day and vapid rubbish like Facebook (which I've never used) and Twitter (which I use only under duress as a lot of local football clubs only update through it) has helped destroy a generation of minds.
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